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Tourism in Lopburi

Written on 30/12/2014, 07:30 by admin
wat-phra-si-rattana-mahathat Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat (วัดพระศรีรัตนมหาธาตุ) Inside the wihan enshrines a Buddha image on a masonry base known as Chukkachi. Another item that...
Written on 30/12/2014, 07:29 by admin
san-phra-kan San Phra Kan (ศาลพระกาฬ) It is an ancient Khmer sanctuary, constructed of laterite with a high base. Therefore, it was also called “San Sung” (a high...
Written on 30/12/2014, 07:29 by admin
phra-prang-sam-yot Phra Prang Sam Yot (พระปรางค์สามยอด) The compound comprises 3 prangs linked to one another by a corridor. In the reign of King Narai the Great, Phra...
Written on 30/12/2014, 07:28 by admin
king-narai-s-palace  The King Narai's Palace (Thai: พระนารายณ์ราชนิเวศน์) in Lopburi was built by King Narai the Great, the king who ruled Ayutthaya from 1656 to 1688. He...

Trip at Lopburi

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