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Wat khao jeen lae

Wat khao jeen lae temple in Lopburi province, located in the district to inspect. Muang Lop Buri Lopburi.
Situated in the valley khao jeen lae inspect local district, Muang Lop Buri Province is located approximately 18 kilometers from the city hall and the convenient transportation. Near Ang Sap Lek originally this temple was filled with dense bamboo forest Pastor Lee (Provost Pali words scribes) has moved to hike here. Landscape as well. So stop in and set up monasteries.

Wat khao jeen lae peaceful natural beauty of this place is in the middle of the valley. Surrounded by mountains on all four sides. Lord Buddha is the second largest Buddha statue. Lee's father built. Buddha and His Majesty the King, who dedicated his statue atop the temple is ideal for a vacation or to Nature Pilgrimage. The church has a beautiful shape for a fair practice. The species is enjoyable and easy to make a donation to the temple and a library with books in many different services.


Ang Sap Lek (อ่างซับเหล็ก) is a natural ancient reservoir. In 1977, Lop Buri improved the Ang Sap Lek to be a natural tourist attraction by building roads around the reservoir, planting trees, as well as, erecting a summer relaxation pavilion.


Khao Takratong 

Wonder what we have found is that Buddha Hall. With the bats that live within ten paces apart. But the Buddha image. No one will bat and bat guano on the island to see the least.

I was told that evening the big bats will fly out of the cave to see a procession of beautiful living on the top floor is the statue of Guan Yin pastor and I like that. Not much is known about this temple. Since it is a measure that focuses on meditation. It has not announced if the kith and kin who do not practice. The measure is welcome, though perhaps not very comfortable. The temple has a priest is now with the monks began to live only 4, but what it was calm, both physically and mentally when I come to think that if there is a chance they want us to. Do you publish is widely known as the following.

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